Your Sensual Oregon Sweetheart

Who Me?

My Darling,

How wonderful of you to stop by.

I delight in welcoming you to my warm, sensual space.

I would love to get to know you and have you get to know me.

You will find me to be comfortable in my skin, stable in my energy & spirited in my life.

I look forward to sharing moments of time with you.

Thick, lush, long raven hair encompases my beautiful face, intense brown eyes and charming smile.  I am first and foremost a sensualist.  I love to touch and connect on so many levels.

I am kind, thoughtful and well put together. 

I am 5'3" and carry a few extra womanly curves on my otherwise athletic build.  I do enjoy spending time in the gym and out on the trail as I believe a good workout is akin to feeling our best.

I am a natural switch and can flow in both realms of dominant or submissive energy.

My European roots give me exotic characteristics which will delight you.

I am best suited for the gentleman who knows what he desires, appreciates good communication and adores a woman of luxury. 

Your Sensual Oregon Sweetheart,



Bend, OR